April 14, 2021

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Representative announces start of construction work at Carmen Benítez de Las Piedras school

Photo: CyberNews

THE CAPITOL The representative for District 33, Ángel Peña Ramírez announced on Tuesday, the beginning of the construction work of a modern Center for Multiple Use and Sports Activities at the Carmen Benítez elementary school in Las Piedras for the benefit of the school community.

“We have submitted a series of projects to be able to offer our Pedreños students new sporting and educational facilities, suitable and functional that benefit the integral and multidisciplinary development of our children. La Carmen Benítez is undoubtedly for us, a very important iconic school in our beloved town of Las Piedras, which is why we made this historic assignment, which, upon completion of the second phase, would add up to nearly half a million dollars allocated to it. ”, Detailed Peña Ramírez in written communication.

He explained that, in this first phase, for the construction of the Center for Multiple Use and Sports Activities, work will be done with the roofing of the court and conditioning of the sports slab, work that amounts to an approximate cost of 200 thousand dollars.

The president of the Commission for the Supervision and Development of the Eastern Region highlighted the importance of rehabilitating and conditioning the infrastructure of school facilities to be able to safely promote various sports and educational disciplines among the student population.

The legislator indicated that “after the impact our educational system has received and the direct effect on our students due to the COVID-19 pandemic, today more than ever, it is more important to have our schools in optimal conditions.”

He announced that the second phase of construction includes closing the structure of the field, construction of bleachers, bathrooms and other facilities according to the needs of said student population. “It should be noted that more than 50 percent of the school’s enrollment belongs to the special education program and services, so I am interested in providing the greatest attention to ensuring that said work has adequate facilities for each and every one of these students,” he said. the Legislator for Las Piedras, Juncos and San Lorenzo.

“At the end of the work, the school administration and the students will have modern facilities for the use and enjoyment of all. We want to promote the full development of our children and young people who, in turn, will represent our people in the different events that will be coming, ”concluded the New Progressive representative.

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