February 25, 2021

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Representative Denis Márquez announces approval of a measure to investigate the lack of public employees

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THE CAPITOL – The spokesman for the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) in the House of Representatives, Denis Márquez Lebrón, announced on Tuesday the approval of resolution 198, to investigate the relationship between the number of current public employees and vacant, available or frozen positions.

“As a result of the layoffs under Law 7 of 2009 and the ‘retirement windows’, the number of public employees in the Government was drastically reduced. This greatly reduced the Government’s capacity to provide services, which has adversely impacted citizens and has also jeopardized the generational change between agencies. The approval of this measure is a fundamental step to demonstrate that the so-called governmental gigantism is a myth and that there is a need for more public employees, ”said Márquez Lebrón in a written communication on the measure of his authorship.

The independence leader added that the statistics itself and the information received from the Government demonstrate the need to hire more employees while referring to public expressions of the designated Secretaries of State, Justice and Finance, who have publicly stated that more is needed employees in their respective agencies.

On the other hand, Márquez Lebrón specified that the aforementioned resolution also seeks to investigate the Uniform Classification and Remuneration Plan ordered under the “Sole Employer” Law approved in the previous four-year period.

“The last administration approved Law 8 of 2017 that established the concept of” Sole Employer “in the agencies -under the assumption that it would make the Government more efficient and fiscally responsible- and one of the assigned tasks was the preparation of a Plan of Classification and Uniform Remuneration within a term of a year and a half from the effective date of the Law and we intend to know in detail the status of said plan and the impact it may have on public employees ”, the lawyer also explained.

For his part, the representative Jesús Manuel Ortiz, co-author of the measure and president of the Government Commission that will carry out the investigation, stated that “the absence of effective inter-agency technology prevents the OATRH from knowing the number of employees who currently work remotely or who reports to work for public agencies and corporations. For me it is important to establish in a concrete way the status of the classification plan ordered by the single employer law. This plan is of vital importance for an efficient administration of the government’s human resources. This in turn must go hand in hand with a digitization of government systems to make viable, once and for all, an agile government that responds to the needs of the people ”.

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