June 14, 2021

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Rescue “like a movie” on the Ponce coast

What appeared to be a day of leisure for four people on the islet of Cardona, culminated yesterday with a water rescue initially managed by Sgt. Victor Flores, of the Ponce Municipal Police, after three of them were shipwrecked in a watercraft at some point in Ponce Bay, on the maritime route between the islet and the ramp located in the Enrique González park.

After a day without incident, in which the sergeant was on duty at the end of his work day in charge of the Maritime Unit of the Ponce Municipal Police, he became a roller coaster of emotions, when around the 6:15 in the afternoon, the information was received that alerted about a woman stranded on the Cardona islet, who was waiting for three other young people -a male and two females- who had left in a watercraft to the area of ​​Ponce Beach. and they didn’t come back to pick it up.

At that moment, the captain of the watercraft managed to reach the shore, desperately indicating that due to the strong waves and swells he had faced navigation problems, losing control of it, the two women he was carrying falling into the water with the aggravation that one of them was not wearing a life jacket.

Upon receiving the alert, the sergeant immediately did not hesitate for a second to respond to the emergency by occupying the fisherman’s boat Luis Garcia Rodriguez, who assisted him when both realized that, indeed, both women were adrift, dragged by the waves.

Understanding the complexity of the operation, Flores contacted the United Forces Rapid Action Unit (FURA) of the Puerto Rico Police Bureau and the agents arrived at the scene. Jose Sanchez Y Orlando Flores in the Cobra-57 Unit to assist in the search and rescue of the shipwreck victims.

Finally, the operation culminated in the rescue of the three women who were transferred in good condition to the dock of the Maritime Unit of the State Police. Once on land, they met the man who captained the jet ski.

The four people involved identified themselves as: Anthony Caraballo Veguilla, 31 years old; Heydi Negron Quinones, from 41; Charlotte Vazquez Castro, of 20; Y Alanis Martinez Rodriguez, of 20. All residents of Ponce.

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