May 15, 2021

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Research just started at PFEI | government

The preliminary investigation into the purchase of rapid tests to detect Covid-19 is only beginning in the Panel on the Independent Special Prosecutor (PFEI), after the Chamber Health Commission delivered the two partial reports with the findings and conclusions of the investigation that he conducted in this regard.

“We are talking about two weeks ago that (the report) came and an investigating prosecutor was assigned. That case (from the Covid-19 tests) is just beginning. The investigating prosecutor was given 40 or 45 days, "said the president of the PFEI, Nydia Cotto Vives, in an interview with EL VOCERO .

He explained that the investigating prosecutor makes his inquiry and has to submit a report to the Panel. In this case, Crisanta González Seda is in charge of the investigation. "But we just received a second report because what we had received was the first report from the Chamber," added Cotto Vives.

"That second report in the Health case is before the panel, but we have not received the report end of the Chamber. Therefore, until the final report from the Chamber is received, the investigating prosecutor cannot finish her case. But that case is just beginning, "he mentioned.

However, the president of the Chamber's Health Commission, Juan Oscar Morales, explained that" there is no final report. I left it open in case something happened, because with the same resolution you can call and go to a hearing. ” On July 2, the cameral commission delivered the second partial report to the PFEI, according to the procedure sheet of the Office of the Secretary of the Chamber.

On June 29, the aforementioned commission filed its last report in relation to the Chamber regarding to the million-dollar purchase of Covid-19 rapid tests from Apex General Contractors and other companies questioned for their alleged links to the New Progressive Party (PNP).

The 138-page document generally refers to federal authorities and state officials to 11 people who deposed in the public hearings that the cameral commission carried out since the end of March.

Among those mentioned are the coordinator of the medical 'task force' that advises on the Covid-19, Segundo Rodríguez Quilichini; the Undersecretary of the Interior, Lillian Sánchez; the Secretary of the Interior, Antonio Pabón; the legal representative of Apex, Juan Maldonado; the owner of said company, Robert Rodríguez, and Concepción Quiñones de Longo, former interim secretary of Health.

Quiñones de Longo told this newspaper yesterday that after being referred to the PFEI and on the recommendation of his lawyer, he would not be issuing statements regarding to what is going on in the country after the departure of her daughter, Dennise Longo Quiñones, from the Department of Justice secretariat and the recent expressions of Governor Wanda Vázquez against her.

“What I say can be misinterpreted and My lawyer – as I was referred to the PFEI – advised me not to speak to anyone… It is a pity everything that is happening, "he said.

Delivery of evidence

Cotto Vives revealed that the handover of evidence related to the referrals made by the Department of Justice on various officials —including the governor— ends today.

“Everyday evidence is being received from two cases. There were six cases. Yesterday (Wednesday) received proof of two cases, today (yesterday) received proof of two cases and on Friday (today) proof of two cases. In other words, the delivery to the panel secretary ends on Friday (today), "he said.

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