June 12, 2021

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Resident Commissioner Details Federal Funds Coming Soon

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San Juan – The resident commissioner, Jenniffer González Colón, detailed on Thursday her work schedule for the beginning of the four-year period and the federal funds that she hopes will reach the island.

“We have a very comprehensive agenda in Congress in this term that begins with manufacturing credits, manufacturing incentives for Puerto Rico that positions us with this pandemic, evidently in the fight for equality to guarantee that unequivocal mandate of the people of Puerto Rico in November in favor of becoming a state and now with a Democratic Senate. And the Democratic leadership had said it would support Puerto Rico on this. I hope to see it in action and we are going to work towards it, ”said González Colón in an interview with Foro Noticioso.

“Also this year in September the Medicaid funds expire in the approval that we achieved two years at 100 percent and two years at 86 percent, so now it returns to 55 (percent), so, this is one of the areas that we will be fighting, ”he added.

In the tax area, the commissioner described that “we have economic development measures that include retail credit, credit for work, which are funds that go directly to people’s pockets, the fight for Supplemental Social Security, expansion permanently so that Puerto Rico is considered an air cargo center ”.

“There are also other economic development measures that we have presented in different categories in the financial area, in the banking area, in the insurance area. In terms of health we have several of these projects established. We will be in the energy part following up on the disbursement of CDBG funds for the repair of the Electric Power Authority that are already approved in Housing. Yesterday the federal Department of Health allocated $ 183 million to Puerto Rico to test for COVID and $ 28 million for the purchase of vaccines and vaccination activities in Puerto Rico. These new funds that arrive on the island are destined for this ”, he advanced.

“Also yesterday 1.3 billion were allocated by the federal government for the Department of Education in Puerto Rico to try to return to normality in schools from kindergarten to fourth year, they are part of the funds that we continue to process,” said González Colón.

“I do not stop looking for more resources to accelerate the reconstruction of Puerto Rico and seek equality in those federal programs,” he concluded.

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