April 16, 2021

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Resident Commissioner recommends that the primaries be scrutinized the next day

Jenniffer González | Photo: Dennis A. Jones

González Colón mentioned that “they have had six days to put everything in order.”

By Cybernews

Jenniffer González | Photo: Dennis A. Jones

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón recommended on Friday that the State Elections Commission (CEE) carry out the electronic scrutiny on Monday .

"For me, the same Sunday when the process ends, the scrutiny begins on Monday because before in the Commission, those of us who have been school officials know that they did one day yes and one day later to do the scrutiny. . My recommendation to the Commission is that no time be wasted starting the scrutiny process next Monday, so that next week all those who were elected can be completed and certified, and in this way, the Commission can immediately focus on the general election process with the sending of ballots, the design of ballots, printing of ballots and sending them to veterans by federal legislation, ”said González Colón to questions from the press.

He assures that there is no space for errors

“There is no 'break' here. The fact that they have already made this mistake means that now there may be rest, they have to begin the scrutiny this Monday so that this week the process ends and that of facilitating the design and preparation of ballots and the sending of ballots to soldiers and people who they vote absent ", he added.

González Colón mentioned that" they have had six days to put everything in order. "

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