May 14, 2021

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Restaurants recognize the need to lower occupancy to 30% due to the rebound in COVID-19

Although he understands that it is necessary to impose measures to control the worst rebound of COVID-19 that is registered on the Island, the president of the Restaurant Association (Asore), José Vázquez, pointed out that the industry will again suffer a impact with the reduction of the occupancy capacity to 30%.

This reduction in the occupation of shops was the most momentous measure that Governor Pedro Pierluisi took yesterday, Thursday to try to reduce the curve of infections and hospitalizations.

In the first instance, the island’s restaurant leader stated in written statements that “we understand that the new order is necessary to attack the increase in COVID cases that we have seen recently.”

“As we have done since the first executive order last year, the restaurant industry will fully comply with all provisions of the amendment. At Asore we will redouble our efforts to urge the restaurant industry to comply with the new order, in addition to continuing with strict hygiene and health safety measures in their establishments ”, he added.

Vázquez noted that restaurants have taken strict measures, imposed by both local and federal authorities, including the Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In addition, He stated that they have invested in sanitation material and adopted measures to serve diners, such as delivery services and orders through application, among others.

“We emphasize our call to all people and businesses to act responsibly and thus get out of this situation as soon as possible. The success of standardization is in everyone’s hands. At Asore, we reiterate our availability to collaborate in this process, contributing our expertise. We want and can be part of the solution ”, he indicated.

Prior to the executive order, the leader of Asore had asked the government, in an interview with Primera Hora, to give them time to see the effects of the executive order that came into force last Friday and that reduced the hours of operation to 9:00 pm

“There was a quite significant change, because it took us two hours down. It is difficult for restaurants to close (at that time) ”, he explained.

He also requested that they be summoned to meetings in which the measures imposed by executive order are discussed, since they cause a “substantial and serious impact.”

The merchant explained that these reductions in operation mean that they are not made “cost efficient” to maintain operations, especially when they have been constantly changing the way they operate for a year.

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