December 4, 2020

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Retirement publishes list of more than $ 1 million without reporting | government

The administrator of the Retirement Systems for Government and Judiciary Employees (ASR), Luis Collazo Rodríguez, called on the active and retired employees of the public agency to verify if they have unclaimed money in the agency.

Retiro published today a list of expired or unclaimed checks on its website.

Currently, the agency has approximately $ 1,133,858 in unclaimed money.

“In accordance with the provisions of Regulation 60 of the Department of the Treasury, Pending Checks Drawn by the Special Paying Officials of the Retirement Systems Administration, we publish on our website the list of names that may have claims, for a term of no less than 60 days. We encourage you to communicate through or write to us [email protected] for claims, ”Collazo reported.

According to the Treasury Regulations, the person interested in obtaining a new check to replace the original issued must request it in writing through the Request for New Check to Replace the Original.

Model SC 1634, is available on the website

The names and addresses that are identified in the list published by the Retirement System may have the right to claim the corresponding money.

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