June 24, 2021

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Reversing the economic reopening is not under discussion in La Fortaleza

The possibility of reversing the plan to reopen economic and governmental activity already established is not among the immediate plans of the administration of Wanda Vázquez Garced the secretary of indicated Monday night. Health Lorenzo González Feliciano.

After meeting with the first executive, the head of Health indicated to this newspaper that backing down the reopening was not part of the discussion.

“We continue to look at the numbers. If there were any kind of impact on the variables, we would be communicating it to the governor and we would make the pertinent recommendations, "he said.

González Feliciano, in addition, praised the work that various economic sectors have done to manage the risks of contagion, including shopping malls and restaurants. The scenes seen during the weekend, in which citizens did not follow the preventive measures, said the secretary, are a “small group of people who are presumed to have no social responsibility.”

He commented that, during the The meeting discussed the new security parameters that come into effect on July 15 at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, as well as the long-term care centers.

The Secretary of Health insisted that the capacity of the health services and hospital is not committed, so the increase in cases has not caused alarm. For example, he highlighted that, among the patients in intensive care units, only 4% are related to COVID-19.

“The positives concern us, because they are young people who are going to be infected, but do not leave to get sick, and what we are saying to that group is that they can transmit the virus to another person with higher risk and chronic conditions. So, in this context, people are being told to be careful, "said González Feliciano.

The Department of Health reported 204 new confirmed cases on Monday, the highest number recorded in a single day . In addition, the agency reported 21 infections that had not been previously reported with a sample collection date of March 26 to June 19.

The executive director of the Tourism Company, Carla, also participated in the meeting with the governor. Campos.

In an interview with this media during the morning, González Feliciano urged citizens to exercise caution after emerging images over the weekend of public spaces with crowds of people without the use of masks and recommended distance. [19659011] González Feliciano explained that Health's main concern is that only 10% of positive cases could show symptoms of the disease, while 90% have the capacity to transmit the virus to people from vulnerable populations and with chronic conditions without knowing that

During the morning, in a radio interview (La X), Vázquez Garced said that the numbers reported by Salud are "too many" for one day. "We have to reactivate the economy, but there are some sectors that are putting the population at risk. There, we saw what happened over the weekend in Cabo Rojo, we have seen what has happened on some beaches … and we are not going to allow these sectors to put the population's health at risk, "he said.

He maintained that the Responsibility applies to those merchants who sell drinks or food and who allow diners to remain on the premises of their commerce. "They have a responsibility to tell them:‘ You know what? Here they have to wear a mask, "he pointed out.

" I know that people have the desire to share and enjoy, and they can do it, but it has to be in a safe way. If they do not do so, there are going to be some sectors that are going to be harmed because they could not control and carry the message that they have to wear a mask, "he warned.

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