March 7, 2021

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Riposte the Governor for the COVID-19 fatulas test report

The House of Representatives c began today's session with the discussion of the Health Commission report on the purchase of COVID-19 tests that includes 11 referrals from officials and contractors to various agencies state and federal public order.

They request the intervention of the FEI, FBI, OEG and others

In the first shift, the pro-progressive representative Juan Oscar Morales, who as president of the Health Commission, He conducted the legislative investigation, riposted the governor Wanda Vázquez Garced.

“There are those who say that this report is a tragedy and I concur, it is a tragedy when the people were in that uncertainty waiting for quick tests and there were some profiting "Said Morales, who said that there must be an apology to the country" because when things are bad, they are bad. "

“There were government officials who put the health of the people, there is a gross administrative deficiency. Decisions were made in the Health Department without consulting the experts, "Morales said.

The pro-independence representative, Denis Márquez Lebrón described the mess of purchasing the evidence as" one of the processes most distressing, criminal and gangsters in the recent history of Puerto Rico. " He asked that those responsible be brought “to the last consequences.”

He also questioned the governor for her expressions that “those who were going to be in favor of the report had to be guarded.”

It occurs in the context of the pandemic and the primarist struggle, but it was an investigation where there was broad participation by all the representatives. We had the opportunity to confront negligent and corrupt officials and a party of buscones who took advantage to sell him some evidence for $ 38 million and others as well.

“In the four year period, this is my turn for May, outrage and courage. for all this hoax, while the people had to stay at home, political patronage would fill their pockets with money, "said Márquez Lebrón.

" Let's not forget the plague, the hoax, the constants that lived in this Chamber last four years and on other occasions that have cost jail, "added the legislator, who ended the shift by citing Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.

The spokesman for the popular minority, Rafael" Tatito ”Hernández said that although the parliamentary majority did not refer the report to the Justice Department“ procedurally ”, it must be sent to the agency. "The prudent thing is to refer him to Justice, even if the Secretary of Justice has to inhibit himself," he maintained

. He also said that "from the point of view of bank fraud, it must be referred to the federal government and the Commissioner of Financial Institutions "

" This scheme is serious and regrettable, "said Hernández.

After the debate ended, the House would consider the report received.

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