May 14, 2021

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Rivera Schatz asks for a full vote after the emergence of Wanda Vázquez’s ‘write in’ movement

He President of the Senate of Puerto Rico, Thomas Rivera Schatz, asked this morning, Monday, for a full vote under the insignia of his party in the next elections in November.

This after the general scrutiny of the primaries that were held a few weeks ago and at times that runs through networks ended Governor Wanda Vázquez’s ‘write in’ movement.

“Today we have a new Party President who will be the next Governor of Puerto Rico, Lcdo. Pedro Pierluisi. Every statesman and progressive must step up in the effort to win the general election and the referendum, voting INTEGRO under the palm on the three ballots and with a resounding YES for STADITY “.

Read here the complete expressions of Rivera Schatz:

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