May 10, 2021

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Rivera Schatz calls for the immediate departure of the Secretary of Justice

The President of the Senate, Thomas Rivera Schatz requested that the Acting Secretary of Justice, Wandymar Burgos Vargas leave his office immediately after intervening in the sending of a referral to the Special Independent Prosecutor (FEI) against the Governor, Wanda Vázquez, signed by her predecessor, Dennise Longo and by prosecutors from the Division of Public Integrity.

Despite the fact that the governor at her conference said that the actions of Burgos Vargas was not illegal, Rivera Schatz requested the departure of the official. Likewise, he said that the aforementioned must already arrive at the office of the Panel of the Special Independent Prosecutor who has the duty to attend to it with integrity. "With his acts of disqualification," said the also president of the New Progressive Party on his social networks about the interim secretary of Justice.

On the procedure at the FEI, Rivera Schatz maintained that "the FEI Office must act under cover of its broad powers and haste over the referred ones. The Panel of the FEI must express if there is cause or not to continue with the procedures ". This morning, Longo confirmed that he signed a referral to the FEI Panel that included a recommendation for an investigation against the governor in the case of the Family Socioeconomic Development Administration (ADSEF).

Precisely on Longo, the senatorial president urged to offer expressions that clarify the situation and the accusations that the Governor now makes to her.

According to Rivera Schatz, all processes must be public.

The President of the Senate said that once the processes in the FEI are over, then It must be determined whether there is room to initiate other political, governmental and legal actions. "Once the FEI panel expresses its determinations on the referrals, any corresponding course of action may be initiated, if any, in the legal, governmental, and political spheres," Rivera Schatz said on their networks.

Yesterday, [19659008] Metro published that this ADSEF referral did not focus on the intervention of politicians in the distribution of emergency aid but on an attempt to paralyze the investigation and the agency's actions in this regard. This newspaper was able to corroborate with different sources that Justice treated the case of the dismissal of the former Family Secretary, Glorimar Andújar as one of whistleblower . A source from this newspaper pointed out that it would be recommended to apply for the first time in Puerto Rico the Anticorruption Code in relation to protection of the rights of the complainant.

Este Code It was presented by the resigning Governor, Ricardo Rosselló on January 4, 2018, with Wanda Vázquez at his side, as Secretary of Justice. “The Anticorruption Code strengthens the protections to which whistleblowers (whistleblowers ) are entitled to acts of government corruption. This action seeks to ensure that anyone who knows of improper acts has the confidence that they will be protected when making the report. In addition, among the changes established, the prescriptive term is increased to three years so that anyone can file a civil action for retaliation, "read the press release from La Fortaleza at the time.

The Justice investigation was born out of a complaint of the popular representative, Rafael “Tatito” Hernández against the governor after an e-mail requesting Andújar from the secretary of the Interior, Antonio Pabón Batlle which would cancel the suspension of the ADSEF administrator.

This morning, Longo confirmed that referral.

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