April 11, 2021

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Road section # 149 closed in Villalba due to landslide

The Municipality of Villalba reported the closure of a section of Highway # 149, specifically at kilometer 50.9.

"For security reasons I have ordered the closure of the section that leads from Palmarejo to the Semil crossing (PR 149 km 50.9). We urge citizens to stay in their homes, this is not the time to be on the street and in case of emergencies, the residents of this affected area should take alternate routes, ”Mayor Luis Javier Hernández reported in a written communication.

The also first vice president of the Association of Mayors of Puerto Rico reported that 50% or more of the homes in Villalba are without electricity service . Similarly, there are several areas where fallen trees and branches are reported on public roads . Although weather conditions are expected to improve in the next few hours, the mayor mentioned that the possibility of landslides in the mountainous area is present, as well as floods in the lower areas.

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