April 10, 2021

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Roche Puerto Rico pharmaceutical company closes

After learning of the decision to close Roche Puerto Rico, the secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC), Manuel Laboy Rivera, activated the resources of the agency he directs to address the situation and offer the staff the necessary guidance in the job transition process, as well as the search for a new tenant for the facilities located in Ponce, he announced in a press release.

“We are very sorry for this news, since Roche has a history with Puerto Rico of almost 50 years. Although the closure will take place gradually and is expected to culminate in the third quarter of next year, our staff from the Labor Development Program (PDL) is in talks with the company to coordinate the services of the State Unit for Displaced Workers and Employers (UETDP) of PDL of DDEC, to guide approximately 200 workers in the transition process in search of new job opportunities. Despite the challenges of the past years, the manufacturing sector in Puerto Rico has managed to remain strong, thanks to the multiple expansions that we have announced since 2017, and the arrival of several companies on the island. In December 2019, employment in this sector reached 75,300, which represents the highest figure since 2014. On the other hand, and despite the COVID crisis, we anticipate that Puerto Rico will continue on the path of growth in manufacturing , bio-pharmaceuticals, medical devices and aerospace, both due to expansions that we are supporting, as well as the arrival of new companies that have already shown interest in investing in the Island, thanks to the support of the Federal Government and the management of Invest Puerto Rico . Our commitment is to continue with these efforts and achieve a new upturn in various economic sectors that have been impacted by the pandemic, ”said Laboy Rivera, who highlighted that after the visit he received last week by White House officials, There is already interest from several investors to settle on the Island.

As confirmed by Edna Jiménez, general manager of the operations in Ponce, where glucose test strips are manufactured, after an exhaustive evaluation the decision was made according to the needs of the market to streamline operations and optimize the global manufacturing configuration, particularly in the material produced on the island, going from 3 to 2 global manufacturing plants. Production will be transferred to existing manufacturing plants in Indianapolis, United States and Mannheim, Germany.

“We are very grateful to our work team and we appreciate the achievements made at our plant in Ponce, which has supported the manufacture of strips. Roche Diabetes Care blood glucose test test for nearly five decades. We are committed to supporting all employees during the transition phase, as well as finding new employment. To this end, we hope to work in close collaboration with the DDEC and other relevant stakeholders in Puerto Rico, "said Jiménez.

Laboy Rivera, assured that the DDEC will maintain a direct and periodic dialogue, both with local management, as well as with corporate officials.

“Although we understand the reasons for the corporation to consolidate the manufacture of test strips for glucose measurement in Indianapolis, in the United States and Mannheim, in Germany, the truth is that Puerto Rico has the necessary qualities to ensure that other products and / or technologies can be manufactured on our island in a competitive way. We are going to take the necessary steps to examine this possibility, ”Laboy Rivera concluded.

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