April 16, 2021

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Rolando Ortiz: "More action on the part of PREPA is urgent"

The mayor of Cayey, Rolando Ortiz Velázquez, reported that much of the city is without potable water service, since the water pumps of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA) depend on energy from the Electric Power Authority (PREPA).

“After the passage of the Isaías storm, the population naturally expects that services will be restored in a reasonable time, but people are desperate, more action is urgently needed. part of PREPA, and this is a punishment, "said the mayor in writing, who specified the sectors that are without water service.

" At the moment we have the following sectors, in the Barrio Toíta, the Old Plots, New Plots, Buena Vista, Campito, Doña Lola, Bella Vista and La Cuatro. In the Quebrada Arriba neighborhood, the sectors Los Cartagenas, Los Barretos and El Calipso ”. There are also complete neighborhoods without water, such as Culebra Alto, Culebra Bajo, Jájome Alto and Jájome Bajo .

In the Beatriz neighborhood, residents of the Los Robles, Los Piñeiros, Mamey and Parcelas Viejas sectors reported also be dry. Similarly, in the Pasto Viejo neighborhood, the Las Parcelas, El Cangrejo sectors and the families that are supplied by the Pozo Baúza.

After about four days after the passage of the Isaías storm, PREPA alleges that “only” some 28,000 customers are still without electricity, according to what the director of the public corporation, José Ortiz, reported to the press on Sunday, and said he was satisfied with the management carried out, contrary to what was expressed by Governor Wanda Vázquez last Friday.

“Here we have a reality that everyone sees and that thousands of citizens suffer today in Cayey. The only thing that PREPA is effective at is sending invoices, in that they do not fail. After so many millions of dollars received from FEMA and insurance companies, the public corporation is not up to date, knowing that we are in the middle of the hurricane season and there is one month left until September, the peak month, "Ortiz Velázquez finished. [19659007]

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