July 29, 2021

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Rossana López meets with Miguel Romero’s primarista opponent

The candidate for mayor of San Juan for the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Rossana López León, had an unusual meeting this morning with the person who was the opponent of Miguel Romero in the primaries of the New Progressive Party (PNP) for the capital.

Manuel “Palomo” Colón and the Popular candidate had a coffee and discussed “various issues of importance for the capital city,” according to López León on social media.

“This shows that leaving partisan differences aside, you can work to achieve the San Juan that we all want,” said the candidate.

López León assured that “When you forget colors and focus on the quality of life of the Sanjuaneros and the Sanjuaneras, a better government and a better future are possible.”

In the last primaries on August 16, Romero beat Colón with a difference of 19,461 votes to 6,225.


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