April 11, 2021

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RUM Holds Awards in Aerial Design Competition

The team RUM Air Aero Design of the University Campus of Mayagüez (RUM) of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) obtained first place overall in the categories Advanced Class and Micro Class, as well as the second place overall in Regular Class during the competition SAE Aero Design, that was scheduled to be held in Fort Worth, Texas, but due to the global health crisis, it became a virtual event.

The college delegation, as reported in writing , obtained first place in the oral presentation of the three categories in which they participated: Regular Micro and Advanced . Likewise, they dominated the technical report category of Micro and Advanced . This made them the team with the most points accumulated and the best ranked, among around 85 international teams.

During an academic year, the team manufactured three aircraft.

"This achievement represents the importance of perseverance and our incessant desire to win and worthily represent our country and beloved College. Over the years, we have had to manage the project confronting many situations such as hurricanes, strikes, and earthquakes and pandemics were added to the list this year. Thanks to the hard effort of all team members, we have been able to continue bringing awards home every year, overcoming all of these obstacles. This time we made history again, winning the competition in the Micro and Advanced categories, and obtaining a second place overall in the Regular category. results never before seen simultaneously in a competition. We are extremely proud of this historic feat, and even more knowing that we never gave up, and finally, the effort had its reward, "said Gustavo Rosa Carrasquillo student of Mechanical Engineering (INME) and captain of the team.

During an academic year, the team made up of 48 students, manufactured three aircraft with balsa wood, ply and bass . Model dimensions are 41 inches from wingspan for the Micro ; 100 inches for the Regular; and 132 inches for the Advanced .

The Micro is a small-scale aircraft that loads PVC tubes representing the payload . The more tubes loaded and the less the plane weighs without the tubes, the more points they receive. The Regular is a larger-scale aircraft that carries socc er balls, depending on cargo, and weights that simulate static weight. The more weight they carry, the more points they receive. The Advanced in which they participated for the first time last year, is more complex because it simulates a special mission that simulates colonization of an uninhabited place. This aircraft must launch a smaller autonomous aircraft, known as CDA, whose purpose is to load ping pong balls representing the passengers. In turn, he must launch water bottles, as if they were the supplies for the colonizers and some balls of Nerf that simulate their respective habitats.

Precisely, Adriana Kleshick INME student and who begins to work as project manager for the next competition, explained that after his presentation, they had a positive response from the judges.

“The virtual event was packed with lectures to enrich students on topics related to aircraft design and analysis, and strategies for competition. In addition, the event's sponsors were in virtual booths where we could talk to them and listen to questions from other students. Then, we experienced the excitement of the awards, "said Adriana.

" Thanks to the support of the sponsors since we must be ready with more time than other universities to be able to send the planes, our analysis and testing process was already finished " , reported André Rivera, from INME, and who assumes the position of team captain.

Similarly, the RUM Air Aero Design team thanked their mentor, the doctor David Serrano, professor at INME.

Meanwhile, doctor Jorge Haddock, the president of the UPR and doctor Agustín Rullán Toro rector of the RUM, they congratulated the young people for their great performance.

“Every time a student from the Colegio de Mayagüez excels in competitions, we know that we are fulfilling our mission of forging complete professionals who leave their mark on the roads they walk, even from virtuality. I congratulate all the members of the RUM Air Aero Design for their demonstrated passion, both in the competition and in the preparation period. Without a doubt, they are ambassadors of what we call collegial breeding here, which is synonymous with dedication, commitment and tenacity. Congratulations! ”, Indicated the rector Rullán Toro.

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