August 1, 2021

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RUM presents its new pet after the death of Tarzan XI

The Mayagüez Campus (RUM) of the University of Puerto Rico today presented Tarzán XII, a three and a half month old bulldog puppy, who will take the place of the recently deceased Tarzan XI.

The mascot was donated to the CAAM Alumni Foundation and Association by Dr. Michael Cabán Soto, who is an emergency physician from Aguadilla.

“I deeply appreciate Dr. Cabán Soto’s detachment in giving us the new school mascot. It is a very emotional moment for us, since only five hours had passed since the death of Tarzan XI, when we already received the call of the intention to give us the puppy, whose sale price is approximately $ 2,500. We are astonished and more than grateful! ”Yamileth Valentín Centeno, president of the centennial entity, said in written statements.

Carlos Díaz-Piferrer Sierra, official custodian of pets since 1984 and photographer for the RUM Press Office, also opined.

“There have been so many strong emotions in such a short time that I am afraid that my chest will explode. José Martí said that the best gift that God gives a person is a child, in my case he has given me seven children and five bulldogs that I have loved intensely. This puppy is going to be a new resurgence after we get out of this pandemic. Without a doubt, it is a symbol for the College of love, unity and tenacity, ”said Díaz-Piferrer Sierra, who is also vice president of the Alumni Foundation and Association.

Tarzan XI is three and a half months old.

For his part, Dr. Jorge Haddock, the president of the university, also thanked Cabán Soto for his gesture of detachment.

“On behalf of the entire university community, we thank the doctor’s gesture, as well as the members of the CAAM Alumni Association and Foundation, especially Don Carlos Díaz-Piferrer Sierra, who with solidarity and commitment, has maintained this beautiful tradition by caring for of the RUM mascots with love and care. The presence of the collegiate mascot is part of our identity and traditions, with which we seek to promote animal care, sensitivity and empathy among our university community, as part of our community responsibility, “said Haddock.

Likewise, Dr. Agustín Rullán Toro, rector of the RUM, expressed his gratitude to Dr. Cabán Soto for giving the baby, which, due to its size, was nicknamed Big Daddy.

“I am a pet lover and when I found out that I was already in school hands, I had to come see it immediately. Certainly, it fills us with great joy and we see it as the promise that when this situation returns to normal, we can return to campus, with our students and carry out all the emblematic activities in which our institutional mascot also participates. We are very sorry for the death of Tarzan XI, who fulfilled his mission for 12 years. I am deeply grateful to Carlos and his entire family for taking such carefree care of the pet and the Alumni Association and Foundation for sponsoring this management, ”said the Rector.

The RUM also plans to have a dog, to be named Jane IX, for which the Dominican Association of Alumni of the Mayagüez University Campus has shown its interest in collaborating.

The institution reported the death of its previous pet, Tarzan XI, on October 14.

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