August 1, 2021

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Salud closes and fines several businesses for violations of the Executive Order

They close three businesses so far this weekend

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San Juan – The director of the Investigations Office of the Department of Health, Jesús Hernández, issued fines and ordered the closure of several establishments, in different towns on the island, so far this weekend.

According to Hernández, personnel from that office, together with the San Juan municipal police, intervened in a clandestine bar, located on the second level of the El Ensayo business, in Río Piedras.

During the intervention, 70 people were found locked up in the wee hours of the morning, drinking alcohol and not following the physical distancing rules stipulated in the executive order; for this reason, the establishment was ordered to close.

“They were violating all the provisions of the executive order, including the use of masks and the consumption of alcoholic beverages, outside the established time,” Hernández said, anticipating that fines were issued to the owner of the place and, after consulting with State authorities are facing the possible filing of criminal charges.

On the other hand, in the municipality of Las Piedras, the Brisas BBQ establishment, located in the Collores neighborhood, was ordered to close, after the authorities found an agglomeration of people, in addition to not requiring the use of masks by the diners and the dispensation of alcoholic beverages, at the bar, outside the hours stipulated by the executive order.

In that municipality, another establishment known as the Girasol Motel, was fined for selling alcoholic beverages outside of established hours.

Tijuana Bar & Grill, in the Caribbean Shopping Center; The 7 Powers, in Barrio Montones and Qué Barbaridad, on Highway 921, were also fined for violation of the executive order regarding the use of masks and physical distancing.

“We are going to continue with interventions in establishments that are not complying with the executive order. This is a very serious matter, because each one of the violations represents a risk to the health of the citizens ”, insisted the public official, thanking the support, help and collaboration of the municipal police of Las Piedras.

He explained, in turn, that on Thursday night, his Office staff ordered the closure of an establishment in Cataño and issued fines at businesses in Bayamón and Toa Baja, for the same reasons.

“We ordered the closure of Storm Riders Taverna, in the Palmas neighborhood of Cataño, for not having licenses for the sale of alcohol, failing to comply with the use of masks and sale of alcoholic beverages, outside the established hours. In the intervention, the owners described the establishment as a motor club; however, inside the premises, a cash register and the sale of alcoholic beverages were observed. A tattoo room was also found with syringes, inks, designs and chairs used to make tattoos, when the business did not have health licenses for these purposes, ”Hernández pointed out.

Other businesses fined on Thursday were the Hotel La Rueda, in Bayamón and Crazy Wise Wings and Chinin Tripletas, both in Toa Baja.

Meanwhile, the Villa Borinquen Motel in Toa Baja, as well as Guacamole and A la Leña, in Las Piedras, were among the establishments inspected that showed that they complied with the executive order and the regulations of the Department of Health.

He mentioned that any person who has information about the non-compliance of establishments in the measures of social distancing, crowding of people, use of masks, hand-washing facilities or any other situation that endangers the safety of employees or visitors, can write to email [email protected].

The information received will be kept confidential and handled by personnel trained to deal with such situations responsibly.

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