May 11, 2021

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Salud joins the “Choose to Live” campaign | government

The Department of Health joined the “Choose to Live” campaign of the Commission for the Prevention of Suicide (CPS), in an effort to stop deaths and raise awareness of the importance of life.

announced María Isabel Coss Guzmán, clinical psychologist and spokesperson for the Commission, which is attached to the Department of Health.

“During the Suicide Prevention Month in Puerto Rico, which ends on September 10 – World Day of Suicide Prevention-, we want to guide, create awareness and raise awareness about how to address this problem in our society, and promote the search for help. Our goal is for citizens to reflect on the aspects of their lives that help them to move forward, despite adversity. The emotional, psychological, economic and social consequences of the pandemic caused by Covid-19 are risk factors to which we must pay particular attention and care ", said Coss.

He added that" although it is true that the data collected In the Statistical Report on Suicides in Puerto Rico, they establish that since 2013 there has been a decrease in deaths by suicide, and that 2019 represents the year with the lowest number of reported suicides in the last 20 years, it still continues to be a social and public health problem that we must give priority to. The clinical psychologist says “a life that is lost by suicide is enough to lead us to reflect on how we can protect ourselves and take care of ourselves at a personal, family, community and social level.”

The Secretary of the Department of Health, Lorenzo González Feliciano, said that “suicide is a death that can be prevented if we are attentive to the danger signs. Losses and uncertainty have different effects on each person, being even more vulnerable those who suffer from depression, anxiety, personality disorders, psychosis, among others. ”

According to statistics from the Commission for the Prevention of Suicide, among In January and June of this year, 85 suicides -87% men and 12.9% women- have been registered, which represents a decrease of nine cases, compared to what was registered between the months of January to June of last year.

Dr. Coss emphasized that “the work of professionals related to mental health in the prevention of suicide is of vital importance, but efforts do not fall exclusively on them. The integration and collaboration of all sectors of society is necessary to help save lives ”.

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