July 26, 2021

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Salud will test antigens at tolls on the island | government

The Department of Health will begin next Sunday an initiative to administer antigen tests at tolls in Puerto Rico to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

To start the effort, on Sunday the Buchanan toll will be hit, in the direction of Bayamón to San Juan.

“The initiative is intended to impact asymptomatic people who are carriers of the virus, without knowing it. For this reason, the tests will be available to anyone who is interested in taking them and will be administered free of charge. The effort will be replicated during the following weekends, at all tolls on the island, ”said the Secretary of the Department of Health, Lorenzo González Feliciano.

Nurses, epidemiologists and health experts will be administering the tests and offering guidance to citizens to prevent the spread of more infections and prevent the increase in positive cases on the island.

On the other hand, personnel from the Municipal System for Case Investigation and Contact Tracing (SMIRC), who lead the effort called COVIVEO, throughout the island, will be active in the process and will guide all those who are positive about the processes of isolation, as well as the investigation of cases and the tracing of contacts, according to each case.

“We have impacted several municipalities with the administration of antigen tests. With these tests, citizens can have results in 15 minutes and take immediate action to avoid infecting others. The test will be carried out in car-service mode, so it is not necessary for people to get out of their vehicles and can continue the march, without delaying the process. Our staff will insert the information into our electronic system and identify positive people to guide them on the next steps to follow, ”explained epidemiologist Fabiola Cruz, head of SMIRC.

Similarly, Metropistas is supporting the initiative to guarantee safety for both citizens and the experts who will be working on the effort.

The tests will be administered in the refueling lane of the José De Diego expressway, at the Buchanan toll, in the direction of Bayamón to San Juan.

The municipality of Bayamón will also be offering support to municipal epidemiologists.

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