April 14, 2021

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San Germán begins with the collection of clandestine landfills

Two ‘hook trucks’ began yesterday to collect the garbage, debris and vegetative material that accumulated in various ‘clandestine dumps’ in different sectors of San Germán, it was reported today.

The mayor, Virgilio Olivera Olivera, inspected the operation and cleaning of the trucks and asked the citizens to be aware of the collection schedule.

“Since yesterday –Monday- we are giving ourselves the task of cleaning the ‘clandestine dumps’ and next week we will begin to provide the service residence by residence, so we will be previously notifying the approximately 35 thousand residents of the itinerary of the different routes on our Facebook page Ciudad de San Germán so that they can dispose of all the debris they want, ”he said.

Given this, the First Municipal Executive asked citizens to cooperate with the cleaning tasks throughout San Germán.

“The time has come to unite wills … We have been working hard since long before we set foot in the Mayor’s Office … Our goal is to make our home, that is, San Germán, the cleanest in all of Puerto Rico … The change has already begun to be seen with the cleaning of the PR-2, the painted bridges, the revitalization of the recreational areas and the lighting in places that for many years had seen absolutely nothing, among many other things ”, he emphasized.

The 32-year-old mayor insisted that “there is no longer any reason to throw garbage on the streets, there really is no need… We are investing in equipment to keep San Germán extremely clean… The eyes of Puerto Rico, without no doubt, they are already in San Germán ”.

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