April 16, 2021

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San Juan announces the closure of two shelters after passage of storm Laura

The shelters at The School of San Juan, for families, and Pedrín Zorilla closed operations today at 6:00 p.m. Since no refugee had appeared at the time of closure, Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz reported in writing.

The shelters in El Gandul, for homeless people, and in the Multiple Services Center of Barrio Obrero 1 on Avenida Borinquen will continue operating until noon tomorrow providing only breakfast and giving until noon so that people can collect their belongings.

“We have made the decision to close these two shelters because no citizens have been received since its opening. In the Municipality of San Juan, no floods have been reported to date. However, the Emergency Operations Center (COE) in the Pedrín Zorrila Coliseito will remain active until the rainy event ends to attend to any situation but no refugees will be received ”, explained the First Executive of San Juan.

Carmen Yulín indicated that “I thank the employees of the Municipality of San Juan who, as always, handle the tasks of handling with excellence all situations related to these atmospheric phenomena. I urge citizens to stay in their homes until the rainy event ends and if an emergency related to the storm arises, they should contact with the Municipal Office for Emergency Management at 787-480-2222, or with the Police Municipal at 787-480-2201, 787-480-2202 and 787-480-2203. The telephone line 939-CONTIGO (939-206-8440) will continue to offer its services to victims of gender violence. ”

On the other hand, Carmen Yulín said that“ if you begin to feel severe symptoms of COVID -19 such as severe dry cough, respiratory distress and / or high fever, you should go to the emergency room of the Municipal Hospital or the Río Piedras Diagnosis and Treatment Center. Otherwise, you must stay home until the event is over. We remind San Juan people that we must wear a mask at all times. ”

It was indicated that all the Diagnosis and Treatment Centers are kept open with the exception of San José, Puerta de Tierra, and La Perla dispensary. The Municipal Hospital of San Juan and the rest of the Diagnosis and Treatment Centers will continue with their regular hours.

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