June 12, 2021

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San Juan Judicial Center employee tests positive for Covid-19 | government

The Administrative Director of the Courts, Sigfrido Steidel Figueroa, reported today that an official at the San Juan Judicial Center gave a positive result to Covid-19.

Steidel Figueroa indicated that said official had no contact with the public nor with other employees of the agency. Independently, immediately, the Judicial Branch activated the protocols to ensure the health and safety of staff and citizens.

Among the measures taken, the corresponding search was carried out and all work areas were cleaned and sanitized of this and the other judicial offices. As additional measures, face-to-face activity in judicial centers has been reduced, the use of the videoconferencing system to attend to judicial matters remotely has been maximized, and in-person work is being done with 35% of the staff's capacity.

" After the activation of phase 2 of our plan for the expansion of services, we have continued to implement multiple prevention measures, following the suggestions of the local and federal health authorities. We remain committed to serving the population that requires our services safely, always trying to protect our officials and the public from possible contagion, "concluded Steidel Figueroa.

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