July 28, 2021

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San Lorenzo to start coronavirus control program

The municipality of San Lorenzo will begin a program to control and monitor coronavirus cases after an agreement with the Department of Health, interim mayor Lynnette Feliciano Sánchez reported today.

It was indicated that the program will be charge of the municipal epidemiologist Andrés J. Martínez and which will consist of a contact phase with positive cases, follow-up of the chain of contacts, preparation of weekly tracking reports, coordination with government agencies to access necessary services for patients and administration of tests required by the population.

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The data obtained and their analysis will be used to guide the guidelines to be given to the population it was said.

“The best treatment for COVID-19 is prevention. By protecting yourself, you protect yours. If there was prevention, no treatment is necessary, "said the epidemiologist Martínez in written statements.

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