August 4, 2021

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Says he'll be looking for funds for the Christmas bonus | government

JUNCOS – Governor Wanda Vázquez said that she will look for a way to pay the Christmas bonus, which is not included in the budget certified by the Fiscal Control Board.

“If the budget does not have the bonus, we will make the relevant savings so that the employees have the Christmas bonus. The remuneration of public employees is very important and we are going to work on it. Let all the Puerto Rican people know that this governor submitted a rigorous compensation plan, prepared in a responsible manner and that there was no reason to avoid it, "said Vázquez. “That is part of a labor reform and it is very important that it be implemented.”

After the Legislature failed to agree on a budget, the board certified one that does not allocate funds for either the Christmas bonus or the public employees compensation plan.

“We will see that budget when it is ready and send it to us to make the proposals that we understand. It is important to have the resources for essential services, "he said.

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