May 12, 2021

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Search continues for the escaped ruff at the Mayagüez Zoo

“The zoo is on a yellow alert, which means it is a potentially dangerous animal,” said Lynnette Matos,

Photo: Cybernews

MAYAGÜEZ – The Body of Natural Resources Watchers continues on Friday the search for the ruff that escaped through a collapsed fence at the Mayagüez Zoo and entered a wooded area.

According to Lynnette Matos, from Fundación Salvemos el Zoológico Dr. Juan A. Rivero, the ruff escaped through a fence damaged by Hurricane María in 2017, which keeps the zoo on yellow alert.

“The zoo is on a yellow alert, which means that it is a potentially dangerous animal, that it is a herbivore, which is not like the animal is going to eat a person. But the animal is nervous and broke the windows of a vehicle, ”said Matos in a radio interview. (WKAQ 580)

“For people who don’t shoot photos or videos at them because they are going to get nervous and can keep running. We urge you to contact the Foundation or the Guard Corps, “he added.

To communicate, you can call the Puerto Rico Zoological Garden 787-999-2200 Ext. 3451 or the Salvemos el Zoológico Foundation 787-206-6661.

The ruff is reddish-brown in color with a white spot on the back and sides; the underparts, snout and tail area are whitish. In winter it has stronger and longer hair and in summer its hair is fine and of a very light color.

Both males and females have horns, the female’s being much smaller and thinner.

The horns of the males are triangular in section, very wide at the base and oriented towards the rear, forming almost a circumference; its horn is perennial and grows throughout the life of the animal.

It differs from the rest of the species of this genus by the presence of a plume of long hair that hangs on the neck and on the front legs; This wild sheep is also known by the names of the Barbary Ram and Ubad.

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