June 15, 2021

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Second deposit of $ 600 continues to give fire to Banco Popular

Last night the Department of the Treasury deposited a second millionaire sum of the payment of the economic stimulus of $ 600 and the Banco Popular once again registered problems in its customer service through its website.

In a statement sent to Primera Hora, Banco Popular reported that “during this week, the deposit of the economic stimulus issued by the Treasury Department has been reflected in our clients’ accounts. Due to this situation, we have had an extraordinary volume of connections to Mi Banco and the service has been available intermittently. We continue working with our service provider, EVERTEC, to restore it in its entirety as soon as possible ”.

The first time the bank faced problems was last Wednesday, when the Treasury deposited $ 190 million to some 200,000 beneficiaries of this economic stimulus.

Last night, Secretary Francisco Parés Alicea confirmed in a tweet that the second promised deposit had been sent to the banks.

On Wednesday the official had indicated that for this Saturday they would remit the payment to 700,000 taxpayers in the amount of $ 600 million. Primera Hora awaits confirmation from the agency on whether this sum was achieved.

However, the million-dollar investment made by the federal government to deal with the onslaught of the pandemic has affected Banco Popular.

In its statement, the company stated that “in order to counteract this volume, since yesterday we began to notify, by email, those clients who have received said stimulus. The platform continues to work under the entry limit protocol to safeguard the system ”.

“We regret the inconvenience that this situation has caused and we reiterate our commitment to provide them with the necessary tools to carry out their transactions successfully,” he added.

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