May 10, 2021

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Second respiratory therapist due to coronavirus dies

Yesterday the death of Migdalia sanchez, the second respiratory therapist to be defeated by the coronavirus. The health professional worked at the San Francisco Hospital in Río Piedras, where she was held, she was 40 years old.

Diana Acosta, president of Puerto Rico Respiratory Care Association, apologetic, told Primera Hora that Sánchez’s death highlights the vulnerability of health professionals to COVID-19.

De Sánchez shared that she had more than 15 years of experience in the profession and described her as an excellent human being.

“We are very affected by this news. She was a young woman completely dedicated to her work, to her patients. I had two jobs as a respiratory therapist … I was a single mother and had three daughters “he said regretfully.

“She was a very fighter girl, that’s why I also want to send a message that they have to take care of themselves and make sure that the hospitals provide them with all the necessary protective equipment. I understand that the central government can also help the Hospital Association with this. I ask hospitals not to skimp on protective equipment for these professionals. We are facing a silent enemy. You can get the virus anywhere, “Acosta added.

“Our mission is to save lives and when we chose this profession we did it with a lot of passion and love. We want to provide the best service to the patient. We are in the first line of fire, working directly with the ventilator (of positive patients); we regularly spend about 20 minutes with the patient … our tasks as therapists require modalities that are dangerous if the necessary measures are not taken or if we do not have the appropriate equipment”Explained the leader of the therapists, who also urged the performance of periodic tests to health professionals.

At the end of last March, the first respiratory therapist, Teresa Ortiz, 53, from the Bayamón region died.

475 infected nurses

Julio Irson, Director of Continuing Education of the College of Practical Nursing of Puerto Rico, called on all health professionals to continue to use protective articles against COVID-19 and to continue to carry out screening tests.

“I remind you that from the College of Surgeons the tests are done from Monday to Friday, and we are moving to the communities. There was a very drastic change in the executive order and we need to take care of ourselves. We know that we must strengthen the economy, but also keep it healthy, “he urged.

Yesterday, Governor Wanda Vázquez announced changes to the restrictions in the new executive order that will take effect tomorrow, making operations more flexible in restaurants, casinos, gyms and hotels, among other sectors of the economy.

Irson recalled that health professionals can contact the College of Surgeons, at 787-751-5929, to coordinate the screening.

He indicated that, currently, the disease has claimed the lives of six nurses.

“Right now three nurses are being held: one in the Fajardo region and two in the metropolitan area. Thank God they are all stable. In the case of the Fajardo nurse, we have arranged for her to receive therapy with the (medication) remdesivir, and has improved, “he said.

At the moment, the College of Practical Nursing of Puerto Rico registers 475 infections of coronavirus among its members and works with the analysis of those recovered.

“We continue to call on all health professionals to protect ourselves and continue to be tested,” he emphasized.

The medical class has also been hit by the pandemic, as five doctors have lost their lives due to coronavirus.

In today’s report from Health Department, 11 additional deaths are reflected, for a total of 523.

At the moment, there have been 36,581 infections on the island and there are 401 hospitalized people, 52 of them connected to a ventilator.

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