May 12, 2021

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Secretary of DACO extends the period for the disclosure of the list of books in private schools

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SAN JUAN – The secretary of the Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO), Edán Rivera Rodríguez, reported on Thursday that he extended to two weeks the terms for the disclosure of the lists of books to be used in the next school year.

Bookstores, distributors and publishing houses have until April 30, and schools until May 31 to fulfill the duty imposed by Regulation 7102 on the ‘Disclosure of information in the sale of textbooks’.

“The call to private educational institutions is to clearly and adequately disclose the selection, sale and distribution of textbooks to be used in the school year that begins in August. With the extension granted, we seek to comply with the Regulations, but, above all, to guarantee the rights of parents, ”said the secretary in a written communication.

Regulation 7102 provides that the list of books to be used must contain a complete review of the title of the book, author, publisher and year of publication.

In addition, educational institutions must inform about the agreements with bookstores, distributors, publishing houses and everything related to the textbooks to use, such as the prices they will have; and, if they are not available, parents are given alternatives.

Schools, bookstores, publishing houses and / or textbook distributors may inform DACO of the published lists by regular mail, or through the following e-mails: Arecibo Regional Office, [email protected]; Caguas Regional Office, [email protected]; Mayagüez Regional Office, [email protected]; Ponce Regional Office, [email protected] and San Juan Regional Office, [email protected]

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