February 24, 2021

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Secretary of Health anticipates that a total closure could be considered due to the rise in COVID-19 cases

The Secretary of the Department of Health, Lorenzo González, announced this morning that a total closure on the island would be considered if the cases of coronavirus reach a critical level.

“If we keep seeing these numbers we could go down to critical, down to the critical level that would be a complete lockout, a total closure. So this has to continue to be monitored over the course of this week and next week ”, commented González in Normando en la Mañana by NotiUno.

He established that by the end of this week or early next week he would be meeting with a group of scientists to analyze the data and then he would hold meetings with the economic sector and citizens to determine what would be the recommendations that would be given to the governor in the face of to the next executive order that would begin on October 3.

Last Sunday, González warned in an interview with Primera Hora that Puerto Rico will have to return to restrictive measures to slow down the contagion of COVID-19, this by indicating that the island’s risk index with the disease is “high” and is at an “orange level”, which implies that public health intervention measures have to be adjusted through executive orders.

“Being at an orange level means that we have to go back to looking at more restrictive closures… we are talking about something very similar to where we were last time when we had some business at 25% occupancy. But it definitely has to be more restrictive, ”he said.

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