January 26, 2021

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Secretary of Health concerned about deaths from Covid-19 | government

The Secretary of the Department of Health, Lorenzo González Feliciano, expressed concern today about the accelerated increase in deaths from coronavirus (Covid-19) at a time when infections continue to rise.

So far in August , Health has reported 95 deaths associated with the virus. There have been 346 deaths registered since the emergency began in mid-March, divided into 216 confirmed and 130 probable.

"Today I am concerned about (the) 11 deaths, 10 confirmed confirmed and one probable. That, today worries me that ", he pointed out.

Upon leaving a meeting in La Fortaleza today, the Secretary of Health, Lorenzo González said that they reached an agreement on the roadblock file that he identified as“ the process of self-inspection ”that private companies will have.

The owner stated that the country's hospital system is not – at the moment – at risk of collapse, since the total number of hospitalized patients is below the threshold of what was planned.

"Today we have 392 hospitalized, yesterday we had 400. In intensive 62, yesterday 55; and in ventilator 45, yesterday we had 44. What is being used today for Covid-19 is 392 beds, that is a 5% of the beds used of those available s ", he specified.

He reiterated that the hospitals on the island have not reflected the devastating scenario reported in places like New York, Italy and Wuhan —the epicenter of the pandemic in China—, so his greatest concern is the number of deaths.

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