June 11, 2021

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Secretary of Health recognizes outbreak "of a particular community" in Canóvanas

The Secretary of the Department of Health, Lorenzo González Feliciano, recognized this Monday a situation of an outbreak of contagion of coronavirus in a community in the San Isidro neighborhood, in Canóvanas. [19659002] "Here, at this moment, of course, it is an outbreak of a particular community, of five or six cases related to the same positive," he said.

González Feliciano made a vehicular tour today with the mayor of that municipality, Lornna Soto, in the community where there are cases positive for SARS-COV-2 –the virus that causes COVID-19– that caused the abrupt increase in the past two weeks.

“The situation of Canóvanas is quite controlled, "said Soto.

According to the first municipal executive, the primary contagion is a person who came from the United States s. "A social activity was carried out and from that case five to seven cases have arisen, we are monitoring them," explained the first municipal executive.

"San Isidro is a population of 20,000 people, we are looking closely because for one case there may be other cases, "he said. The mayor maintained that the municipality is in talks with Health so that next week a mass testing event will be held in said neighborhood.

Until this morning, in Canóvanas there were 25 positive cases through diagnostic tests and 102 probable cases, that correspond to positives by serological test. The number of confirmed until a few days ago was 26, but yesterday Health relocated one of the cases.

“As part of the continuous process of data validation and evaluation of the information received, today (yesterday) it was subtracted a case to the municipality of Canóvanas. After receiving additional information on the address provided by the person, said case was subtracted from Canóvanas and was awarded to the municipality of San Juan, "the agency explained in statements to this medium.

That increase in positive cases in Canóvanas emerged during the two weeks after a visit by Governor Wanda Vázquez to the town hall on June 5. That day the first executive received criticism after she and the mayor kept dozens of people waiting for hours at the ball park in the San Isidro neighborhood for a food delivery.

The Secretary of Health assured that so far no A connection has emerged between that event and the increase in cases.

"I wouldn't know how to say, part of the tracking process should generate some kind of response, at this time it has not," he said. “The trace investigates all contacts, everything possible connection.”

According to reports, aid was not delivered until both officials arrived at the scene, despite the fact that residents may have received it earlier and left the instead, to avoid overexposure to COVID-19 infections.

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