November 29, 2020

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Secretary of the DE does not guarantee that regular maintenance to schools in the middle of the pandemic has been done

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SAN JUAN – The Secretary of the Department of Education, Eligio Hernández Perez could not be categorical in his deposition before the Transition Committee on the status of the traditional maintenance of schools.

Hernández Pérez replied to the president of the Committee, Ramón Luis Rivera Cruz that he has contracts made in 41 municipalities for the maintenance of schools.

“Are you telling me that if we go out for a little while and visit various schools in some municipalities of Puerto Rico, they will be perfect?” Asked the mayor of Bayamón.

“The services are contracted,” answered Hernández Pérez

“But are they done?” Asked the mayor.

“I cannot give you an answer in its entirety, but the ones that I have visited, such as Villa Capri, the service has been given as in many others,” was the secretary’s response.

Another part of the interrogation of the president of the Transition Committee was about why the time of the pandemic has not been taken advantage of, that there is no one in the schools, to enter and make an accelerated work plan to put them in conditions for when it is possible go back to schools

The secretary alleged that he had identified a surplus of money to begin repairing the so-called short columns, but the Fiscal Control Board (JCF) did not give him permission.

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