June 25, 2021

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Sectors in Ponce are flooded with rain and used water

The torrential rains caused by tropical storm Isaías relived the nightmare of residents of Ponce Beach, as some streets were flooded by precipitation and wastewater.

Extraction pumps of water did not work, as the sector was left without electricity and the plant that activates them never started, causing problems on Padre Noel Avenue and another taxiway in the Puerto Viejo sector.

“Now it is going down a bit , but if you get to see this, this is where the water came from (just over two feet); both water, black and rain, "said Carmen M. Navas, while sweeping the accumulated water in front of her residence.

" This happens every time it rains. At least I do not have a car that can damage me, but those who have a car must put them there (Villa Pesquera) or in Alfonso XII, "he added.

Likewise, passers-by had difficulty trying to crossing the avenue, while some vehicles backed up to take another route.

“It worries me because this has been going on for years. Why are funds not invested in this, which is certainly a priority, due to both safety and health problems? Because this is mixed with sewage, "said Alexis Vega, who regularly transits the sector.

" There are times when these waters reach a level that gets inside the houses and there are people who have had to use their creativity and elevate their houses, cover with cement. The same community comes together to clean sewers to try to minimize the impact, "he said.

In the Puerto Viejo sector, there was also another flood similar to the one that occurred on Padre Noel Avenue, precisely on Marisol Street, where the water invaded the busy taxiway.

It should be noted that at least on the avenue the waters continued to drop in level, but the constant downpours could cause the situation again.

“Horita came to deal with the plant (government officials) . It would be that they would fight because you can see that it has dropped quite a bit, "stressed Mrs. Carmen.

In fact, the mayor María Eloísa Meléndez Altieri, confirmed through a press release that" we have ornamental personnel from the Office of Public Works working a situation in Ponce Beach. ”

“ The generator of the Father Noel pump did not automatically turn on when the electricity went out and caused flooding in the area, but our staff immediately mobilized. The pumps at Villa Pesquera, Los Meros, Las Américas and Dora Clavell are working. It is expected that the water levels are going down, "he said.

On the other hand, Meléndez Altieri updated the municipal response to the passage of the storm, which left some 48,000 subscribers without electricity during the early hours of the morning," but at this hour, 2,000 remain without electricity out of a total of 65,000 that use this service in Ponce. ”

He stressed that the Stately City has received about three inches of rain in 12 hours and alerted the citizens to that is protected, since the precipitation will continue until tomorrow Friday.

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