July 28, 2021

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Seer predicts alleged catastrophes that would unleash a war | International

For occult science fanatics who follow predictions of seers in the world now it was. The Cuban Cuban spiritual seer, Mhoni Vidente, surprised with her predictions issued on June 17. The spiritualist visualizes that in the last days of this month, there will be several catastrophes that will shake different countries, which will completely change the course of the world. We recall that another astrological seer would have made several revelations about problems in the world accompanied by the pandemic that plagues us.

The astrologer said in her Internet program that from June 27, according to the Ace of spades card in the Tarot, something very serious will happen in the whole world, which will unleash a war between Korea, China, Russia and the United States. It is not the first time that Mhoni warns of war problems in the world.

According to the fortune teller, the energies of hatred throughout the planet will continue to move, so she invited the population to join in prayer and reverse these negative events.

A few days ago, he also revealed that he sees a series of natural catastrophes, starting on June 21, highlighting a high intensity hurricane that would completely cross the Gulf of Mexico.

So far, the National Weather Service does not see any atmospheric system during this and next week.

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