July 28, 2021

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Senate asks for return of Mar Chiquita project

The Senate asked the House today to return the controversial project that would create a coastal corridor on the grounds of the Mar Chiquita nature reserve in Manatí.

The measure that sparked an intense campaign against led by the environmental group Amigxs from sea it was approved in both chambers last Thursday when the date for the approval of measures expired in this ordinary session, the last of the four-year period.

Yesterday, in the midst of public pressure, the President of the Senate, Thomas Rivera Schatz, one of the authors of the bill announced on social networks that it would request the return of the legislative piece so that it does not come to the signature of the governor Wanda Vázquez Garced.

The measure, authored by Rivera Schatz and the Peneptic senators , Ángel “Chayanne” Martínez and José “Joito” Perez would modify the Mar Chiquita nature reserve and other natural enclaves of the coastal coastline. "This measure has caused annoying concern in various sectors of our island. That was never the purpose or purpose of those who promoted said measure, "Rivera Schatz wrote in his social media accounts.

Lee: Rivera Schatz announces that they will withdraw controversial project on Mar Chiquita

Meanwhile, the environmental group Friends of the SEA welcomed the withdrawal of the measure as a partial victory, but left a demonstration that it called for this Thursday, July 2 at 5:00 pm, in the renamed Calle de la Resistencia, in front of La Fortaleza in demand of measures of protection for the natural resources and the coasts of Puerto Rico.

"Less than three days it took us to show the government that the people are willing to defend their natural resources. It is evident that this project, which was designed to fulfill some campaign favor from the donors of the parties, and we continue with the demonstration scheduled for Thursday, "said the group's spokesperson, Vanessa Uriarte.

He said that the public pressure made back Rivera Schatz with the measure and also, the senator and candidate for governor, Eduardo Bhatia, who announced that he regretted having voted for him.

“I think this is a political strategy. We are in the year of elections and they were able to measure the will of the people to defend the resources and the rapid mobilization of civil society. It is a strategic decision by Rivera Schatz, just like Bhatia's, "said Uriarte.

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