June 12, 2021

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Senator Aponte Dalmau will not hire Fernando Tonos as his advisor

“Yes, he had (Tonos) a mishap, a situation of corruption 25 years ago,” said the senator

Senator Javier Aponte Dalmau

San Juan – The senator for the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Javier Aponte Dalmau, said in a radio interview on Wednesday morning that he will not hire Fernando Tonos as his legislative adviser.

“I am putting together a work team. The transition process there (in the Senate) has been extremely slow. It was not done on time, I have been putting together my work team, Fernando (Tonos) is a person I have known for many years. A person who has done great social work, “said Aponte Dalmau, spokesman for the PPD delegation in the Senate, in a radio interview with Normando Valentín en la Mañana.

“Yes, (Tonos) had a mishap, a situation of corruption 25 years ago. Well 25 years ago is a long time, and he served a sentence of paying triple what was claimed. But given the circumstances yesterday (Tuesday) he called me. He has his offices. I want it to be understood that he has his offices. He’s been in the private sector, he’s been very successful. And he is a person who has helped a lot. And it helps different entities, “said Aponte Dalmau.

“And with a lot of pain he told me yesterday: ‘Look Javier, I’m not here to hurt you, to affect the work and the hard work that José Luis (Dalmau, president of the Upper House) and you have in the Senate, so I give up working with you ”, said Aponte Dalmau.

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