March 7, 2021

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Senator Carlos Rodríguez Mateo meets with staff of the Fiscal Oversight Board

He presented them with documents and information on the approval process of the resolution that ended in the signing of Law 80.

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SAN JUAN – Aware that his commitment did not end when the resolution that resulted in the birth of Senate Bill 1616 was approved, which became Law 80 of the Incentive Retirement and Justice Program for Our Public Servants, Senator Carlos Rodríguez Mateo met this week with staff from the Fiscal Oversight Board (JSF) to explain the process and discussion of the measure in the Senate Government Committee.

In the meeting, which lasted an hour and a half, the evidence of the public hearings and the presentations of all the participants, including those of public servants, government agencies and those of third sector personnel, were delivered.

“We put the Board staff in perspective of the role of the Government responsible for its people. The social responsibility of each government is to guarantee quality of life to all its people, it is to guarantee the well-being of each Puerto Rican. The Government cannot merely keep to square a box, the Government has to be sensitive, it has to respond to each one of the needs of our people and that includes our public servants ”, mentioned Dr. Rodríguez Mateo.

The Senator presented what was the positive report of the Resolution, how was the discussion in the Senate, how beyond the responsibility in the Senate, he made sure that the House of Representatives understood the message, until it was approved there and In the same way, he explained how Senate Bill 1616 was born and how this bill benefits pensioners and guarantees quality of life.

“Starting from the premise that we are living in a fiscal crisis, we also talked about how the Government can save, by not having the need to meet social needs for the retired class, because they do not have a decent retirement. If we really guarantee that dignity by retiring, the Government also wins, ”he said.

As a result of the meeting, Rodríguez Mateo reported that the commitment of the JSF staff was that the information that was delivered complements the information that the Central Government had delivered and that it will all be evaluated, so that it may be in compliance with the PROMESA Law and that, in addition, it adjusts to the fiscal reality that the Country lives.

The doctor emphasized that “we have a commitment to keep in direct communication, and if they need additional information we will do our best to make it appear and deliver it. The decision must be adjusted to the fiscal reality of the country, but the measure, as approved, must guarantee that dignified retirement to our public servants ”.

“The fight is not over, we continue here to seek justice for our people and guarantee their quality of life. I also appreciate the dedication, devotion and sacrifice that these public servants have made, from each of the positions they have occupied in the Government for the benefit of the Country. Be certain that you have an ally, a friend in the Senate of Puerto Rico, who will not rest until we achieve that dignity in just retirement for each of you, we will continue working for a better Puerto Rico ”, added.

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