April 23, 2021

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Senator Carmelo Ríos also tests positive for COVID-19

Senator Carmelo Ríos Santiago. Photo file

The PNP majority spokesperson made the announcement tonight through their networks.

By Metro Puerto Rico

Senator Carmelo Ríos Santiago. File photo

Senator Carmelo Ríos, spokesperson for the New Progressive majority in the Senate, also tested positive for a COVID-19 molecular test, joining the handful of leaders of the New Progressive Party (PNP) who have contracted the virus.

"I urge those who have recently interacted with me to keep monitoring their health and if you have any symptoms, contact your doctor immediately," suggested the Senator .

This week, Chamber President Carlos "Johnny" Méndez was the first to announce that he tested positive, just a few hours after sharing in a meeting with candidates from La Palma to the House of Representatives.

Today the Senator Luis Berdiel, from the District of Ponce, announced that he also tested positive.

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