June 12, 2021

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Senator for the District of Ponce files its first measures

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THE CAPITOL – On her first day as senator of the Ponce District, Marially González Huertas reported on Monday that she filed six urgent measures where, among her priorities are students, road infrastructure and farmers.

“All my legislation is urgent. Immediately I was sworn in as Senator of the Ponce District, I filed the first six projects of my authorship. We are going to investigate the infrastructure on the state highways, to improve the salary conditions of the farmers and to discover the reality of the educational system in the south ”, stated González Huertas in written communication.

He explained that in highway infrastructure he settled to investigate, among other things, the current status of the procedures for the construction of the bridge of the Cambalache community in Yauco and the processes for the installation of a provisional bridge. In addition, the Senate of Puerto Rico will investigate the delay in the repair work of the bridge in the La Maquina sector in Sabana Grande, as well as an investigation on the conditions of state highways and their branches in the district made up of thirteen municipalities.

“In terms of education, I am concerned about the student lag. That is why I am committed to discovering the reality of the distribution of electronic devices to students and teachers of the Department of Education. In this line, we are also going to investigate the conditions of the public schools after the earthquakes of January 2020, ”added González Huertas.

In agriculture, he presented Senate Bill 64 to amend the Puerto Rico Incentive Code in order to broaden the conceptual framework or criteria on how to establish the wage subsidy for the benefit of agricultural workers.

Documents: ps0064-21 rs0003-21.doc rs0006-21.doc rs0005-21.doc

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