May 13, 2021

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Senator promotes professionalization of public service through the UPR

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THE CAPITOL – In order to expand the availability and offer of training courses to all public servants within the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, the municipalities and employees of non-profit entities that qualify, the senator by accumulation, William Villafañe Ramos, presented a project that seeks to amend Law 74-2017 known as the Law on Training of Supervisory Personnel in the Public Service.

Senate Bill 290 would change the name of the Act to “Law on Training and Professionalization of Personnel in the Public Service.”

“Law 74-2017 was directed exclusively to training supervisors within the Executive Branch and the municipalities. Thus, through this amendment it is intended to offer trainings and training to the rest of the employees of the Executive Branch and of the municipalities, which were not contemplated in said Law, in addition to extending the offer of training and qualification to all employees. of the Legislative Branch and workers of non-profit entities that qualify according to the nature of the services they provide to our communities, ”Villafañe explained.

The measure contemplates the use of over $ 30 million dollars allocated and accumulated for training agreements with the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) that have not been able to be used due to the limited demand for services.

This represents an income vehicle for the UPR, which would improve its sustainability and fiscal situation.

The legislator added that “it is clear to recognize that the training of employees in the public service cannot be limited exclusively to those who perform supervisory tasks, but must also be extended to all government employees and other workers of public entities. that provide services to our communities ”.

Villafañe acknowledged that “we must consider that interagency collaboration agreements can be a key element to achieve the effective training of our public servants, taking into consideration the specialized knowledge of their employees.”

Finally, the New Progressive Senator stressed that the professional development of teachers in the public education system should be treated as a matter of greater importance.

That is why P. del S. 290 seeks to give continuity and permanence to the training of teachers in various subjects, mainly in the English language, in particular for those educators in the subjects of science, mathematics and technology.

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