January 17, 2021

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Several residences and vehicles with bullet damage in Santa Isabel

Officers found several bullet casings

Photo: EFE / Orlando Barría

Saint Elizabeth – As reported by the Police, this Monday a case of assault was reported to the Police, where at the time of the events there were several people in events that occurred on 23rd Street in the Ollas de Santa Isabel neighborhood.

Residences and motor vehicles were damaged by bullet projectile impacts.

According to information received by the Command Center Personnel, a call to the 9-1-1 Emergency System was initially received about detonations in front of a residence on 16th Street, 23rd Street intersection in the aforementioned neighborhood.

Agents, assigned to the Santa Isabel District, went to 23rd Street where they found several bullet casings.

At the time of the events, the area of ​​the balcony of his residence, Guillermo Feliciano, was found and where he was damaged by a bullet projectile impact, his residence and a motor vehicle, Suzuki brand, SX4 model of the year 2008.

In the place, Kevin Burgos, Lucianne Adams, Ashley Rodríguez and two minors were also affected, who were in front of a residence, which was damaged and the motor vehicle, in addition to a two-story residence, which resulted with impact. bullet and where he was inside it, Paola Berlie.

The Toyota Yaris model was also damaged at the scene.

It was also reported that the motor vehicle, Mitsubishi, Lancer model, was damaged by a bullet impact while it was being driven by Juan Colón and traveling along the aforementioned street.

The Homicide Division Personnel was informed, where agent José Pérez Montes, under the supervision of Sergeant Feliciano, appeared at the scene and took charge of it.

The agent Jesús Mangual de Servicios Técnicos took photos and compiled evidence.

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