April 19, 2021

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Sila Calderón calls for the unity of the PPD in favor of Carlos Delgado

Sila María Calderón – Archive

The former governor assured that the November elections "are an opportunity to end the bad government" [19659004] By Metro Puerto Rico

Sila María Calderón – Archive

The former governor Sila María Calderón, on Sunday called on the members of the PPD to unite behind the candidacy for governor of Carlos “Charlie” Delgado Altieri.

“The people have overwhelmingly expressed themselves democratically, endorsing Charlie Delgado as their candidate to the governor for the November elections. Despite the fact that I supported another candidate for the primaries, I abide by the will of the Popular people and I heartily congratulate Delgado Altieri ", expressed Calderón in written statements.

" The November elections are an opportunity to end the bad government and the corruption that has prevailed in recent years in Puerto Rico under the administration of the New Progressive Party. This is the moment for all Popular People to unite behind our candidate for governor, Carlos 'Charlie' Delgado, to give Puerto Rico a resounding victory on November 3, "said the former governor.

Tonight, Delgado Altieri held a wide lead over Senator Eduardo Bhatia and Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz.

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