March 5, 2021

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Singer from Ponce Adlin Marie launches his first musical single “Incompleta”

Photo: Full Shot Entertainment & Media Agency

PONCE – “I’m not fit for the emotion”, expressed enthusiastically the singer from Ponce Adlin Marie who will release her first original single as soon as this Saturday, October 10, 2020 at 8:00 pm through the social networks of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube and will be available for download on all digital music platforms.

“My dream was always to record a song and a music video and finally I had the opportunity,” the young singer enthusiastically told La Perla del Sur.

It is about the launch of the single and music video “Incompleta”, a song written by Luis Edgardo Ramos with which everyone can be identified, as it speaks of a love disappointment and “who has not ever suffered for love”.

Adlin Marie has always liked music, growing up in a family where there are many self-taught musicians who have learned to play instruments and sing on their own and have instilled that love of music in the other members of the family.

His first approach or experience in music was when a cousin approached him to invite him to sing in the Church and from that moment he never left music again. Then he met his current partner, Giovanni Crespo – arranger, music producer, more instrumentalist – with whom he began to make acoustics.

Before the earthquakes in the southern zone and the quarantine, Adlin Marie enjoyed doing karaoke and singing at different businesses or parties where with his talent he encouraged the public. She very much misses that contact with the people, their applause and that they sing the songs with her.

However, she is hopeful – in the not too distant future – to sing live music again and to be able to have that close contact with her followers. You also want to keep recording original songs and make more music videos.

While everything returns to normal, Adlin Marie will continue to take advantage of social networks and digital platforms to continue taking his music and making himself known in the most that he likes.

Although his training in music was initially by ear and by family inheritance, Adlin Marie finds himself taking weekly virtual singing classes to improve his interpretations and better understand and manage his voice register.

The music video for the single “Incompleta”, made by the professionals of Real Play Studio Y Full Shot Entertainment & Media Agency, will premiere this Saturday, October 10, 2020 at 8:00 pm through Instagram under adlinmariemusic16 and from Facebook and Youtube under Adlin marie.

From that time on, the musical single will also be available for download through all available digital music platforms.

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