August 1, 2021

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Singer-songwriter Yari Dennisse releases her first song “I’m fed up”

Photocapture video I’m fed up

Puerto Rico – The young Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Yari Dennisse is very excited about the opportunity to carry out her first project as a singer-songwriter in 2020 with the launch of the song and music video I’m fed up

It is a song that he composed with the purpose of becoming what he defines as a citizen outlet. It is about the outrage he feels at a system that manipulates, lies and enslaves. “It has nothing to do with a political party … it is about situations that happen to everyone where we feel betrayed by the system,” said Yari Dennisse on his subject.

He further explained that with the issue he also expresses his indignation for those who have to leave their country in search of better opportunities when Puerto Rico is a beautiful place to live, just because the system, whether public or private, is corrupt.

“Many have identified with the song… it has over 12 thousand views. With the theme, I want people to be motivated to say that they are fed up and get out of the situation in which they find themselves, ”said the young artist.

Yari Dennisse began his career in music at the age of 14, he participated as a soprano in the choir of the Dr. Pila High School, then he continued to develop as a soprano at the Catholic University with the director Rubén Colón Tarrats, where he also studied Vocal Music Education.

Between his 24 and 26 years he participated in different musical groups that performed locally around the Island. He also shared with sequence groups and began to experiment with different musical genres, but his genre has always been Latin rock.

Now in 2020, after so many experiences, she launches herself as a singer-songwriter to create her original songs, the first being I’m fed up The second is already in process and is titled Temptation. He hopes to officially launch it in February 2021.

Yari Dennisse relied on the work of Real Play Studio and Full Shot Entertainment & Media Agency to produce his songs and music videos. To learn more about this singer-songwriter and her music, you can search for her on social media as Yari Dennisse.

Enjoy the music video of the theme I am fed up here.

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