May 11, 2021

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Six members of a family in Loíza are infected with COVID-19

Six members of a family of Loiza they got infected with it COVID-19, the mayor of the municipality reported today, Julia Nazario Fuentes.

In his weekly report, he also highlighted that the city council has 66 active positive cases, which represents 22 more cases than the previous week.

“Unfortunately we have a complete family of 6 people and one of them has died, another member is in the hospital and a minor is also infected. Naturally their confidentiality is protected. This is an example that dramatizes the importance of avoiding family activities that generate agglomeration, ”the first municipal executive said in written statements.

“To pick us up, I don’t want anyone to be down the drain”he added.

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Since the pandemic began, the “Capital of Tradition” has registered a total of 213 cases.

Of the 66 that remain active: 38 are women and 28 are men. In terms of age, the 20 to 29 year-old region is the one with the most cases, at the moment, with 14. While, the 70-year-old or older segment has only one case.

“We are in an emergency and we cannot lower our guard. The increase in cases is mostly due to family contacts. That is a trend that is being seen throughout Puerto Rico “Nazario Fuentes added.

The Loiceño project, which is part of the Municipal Case Investigation and Contact Tracing System, is led by the professional planner Yeidi Escobar. “We are offering information to the public at 939-274-6258, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, with the assistance of the municipal epidemiologist Héctor Quiñones Rosaly.”

For this initiative, Loíza was segmented into two zones, zone 1 is made up of the Torrecilla Baja, Canóvanas and Pueblo neighborhoods. For its part, zone 2 is made up of the Upper Middle and Lower Middle.

“This second area is the one that shows the most cases (40 versus 26), naturally because its population is larger. We insist on physical distancing, disinfection and the use of masks. It is the only way we can defend ourselves against the pandemic, ”said the mayor.

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In today’s morning report, the Health Department reported that the coronavirus it has claimed 482 lives in Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, there are a total of 35,504 cases, between confirmed and probable.

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