November 25, 2020

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Six resident medical science doctors test positive for COVID-19

Six resident doctors from the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico tested positive for COVID-19, confirmed this afternoon the associate dean of Graduate Medical Education of the School of Medicine of the Campus, Jorge Falcón Chévere. [19659002] This information comes amid increases in the numbers of people infected with coronavirus in the Borincano archipelago, as well as people hospitalized for this disease.

“These were immediately isolated; before even having the test result. Actions were taken preventively and immediately. None of these have had contact with patients since then. “said the professor in written statements.

Falcón Chévere, who stressed that the institution has 445 residents, did not specify when they were placed in isolation or on what date the tests were positive for the virus.

However, he indicated that those affected by the virus are “stable and on the road to recovery.” In addition, it compared Puerto Rico with other jurisdictions, where residents exposed and positive for coronavirus have also been reported.

On the other hand, other additional residents were preventatively removed from their rotations, even though their tests were negative. [19659005] According to El Nuevo Día residents would have been infected in a private activity. Positive professionals would perform rotations at the Cardiovascular Center of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, the UPR Hospital, in Carolina, and the Adult University Hospital, in Medical Center, according to newspaper sources.

“Everything is being handled in the most pertinent way and complying with established protocols…. These situations show us that we are all susceptible to COVID-19, in any age range and profession. So we urge the community, in general, to maintain precautions to avoid contagion at all times, “said Falcón Chévere.

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