May 15, 2021

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A slight increase in hospitalizations for COVID-19 | government

The portal of the Department of Health reported a slight increase in hospitalizations for the Coronavirus (COVID-19), surpassing again 100 hospitalizations this week.

The number of hospitalized is now at 104, which is an increase of seven in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, the total number of patients in the Intensive Care Units is 11, an increase of three.

On the other hand, six people are connected to an artificial respirator. Yesterday, this figure was at three.

As of today, the country’s health system has available 2,540 beds for adults —295 less than yesterday— and 829 artificial respirators —43 less than yesterday. 4,111 beds and 295 respirators remain occupied.

There are also 206 adult intensive care beds available, with 474 occupied.

Health Department Today it reported 25 confirmed cases – by molecular test (PCR) – and eliminated a duplicate case with a date of sampling of March 30. The total increased to 1,791 infections.

As for the probable cases – by rapid (serological) test – it added 53 new infections and subtracted one case that had a positive molecular test dated June 29. It also subtracted a case reported as positive that the laboratory later reported as negative. The figure now stands at 5,892.

The total between confirmed and probable cases stands at 7,683 with 154 deaths, the most recent being that of a 74-year-old man from the Ponce region.

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