January 20, 2021

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Small restaurants could close, warns ASORE

The executive director of the Association of Restaurants (ASORE), Gadiel Lebrón said today that the restrictions imposed on restaurants in the new executive order of reduce the quota of customers to 25% in the premises could lead to closing of smaller businesses

“These are definitely difficult decisions that the government is making, but a second setback causes us a degree of concern as the quota is lowered to 25 percent again. We reached 75%, it dropped to 50 percent and now it's down to 25 percent ", lamented Lebrón.

" It is a point that affects the operation of many merchants. Many restaurants are going to have to make their adjustments and for each one of them it is going to be something complex and difficult. By going down to 25%, many restaurant owners will have fewer customers, fewer sales and some will have to make the decision to close their restaurants. "

He said that there are approximately 4 thousand restaurants in Puerto Rico. He indicated that in the midst of the pandemic, some have closed, but could not give figures.

"I do not have the exact number, but we have estimated that when this process ends, we expect that between 20 to 30 percent will have closed. his operation, "he said. "We have been operating in a limited way since the beginning of the pandemic," he added.

Lebrón explained that the sector that will be most affected could be independent restaurants or those with small rooms because the number of people inside the premises is less and less. "There are restaurants that are larger than others, but those of a small size are going to face an even greater challenge," said Lebrón.

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